Dirty Jazz Goes MINI!



This past Thursday, we played a really fun show for MINI Downtown.  From time to time, Dirty Jazz steps into the corporate realm to provide our service for different types of company parties.  From staff Christmas parties and Summer BBQs, to Galas, fundraisers and product launches.  Sometimes we do full shows, sometimes we're background music, and sometimes we're somewhere in between.  They're always really fun though because we get the chance to meet and connect with different people, and expose our music to an audience with musical tastes as diverse as the people in any workplace environment. 

So on November 19th, we got to perform at MINI Downtown, for their new, redesigned MINI Clubman car launch.  The dealership was beautifully transformed into a sophisticated, sexy and sleek event venue.  The food and drinks were amazing.  There was a young lady performing live art, painting a portrait of the new car with the backdrop of our beautiful city.  And of course, we got to provide the soundtrack for the evening.  The room was filled with excited chatter, laughter, the occasional horn honk, dancing and music.  It truly was a lovely evening, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to perform for the 200+ people who came and went.  We made some new fans too!  People really seemed to enjoy the music, and as I said, it's really nice to have such a mixed bag audience be in consensus that they loved the music!