The Mooche! The Mooche! The Mooche Is on Fire!


For those of you who haven't made it out to our last couple of shows, you may or may not have noticed that The Stop Time Family has expanded.  We are so happy and grateful to welcome 2 new horn players to the fold.  Mike Persichilli has been playing some dirty trombone, and Joseph Leo Callender has been blowing some serious saxophone for us for the last couple of months.  These guys are so talented, and have added so much richness to our sound.  Three's company, Five's a party!

Anyhow, we got to play a beautiful wedding a couple weeks ago that took place at Country Heritage Park.  It was most of our first time playing at a same-sex wedding, and i can honestly say that we all felt proud, and honoured to have been chosen to perform for the couple and their guests.  We were honored to live in a place that has finally recognized that it is nobody's right to stand in the way of love.  And there was so much love in the Country Heritage Barn that day (even the wind and the rafters couldn't contain themselves).  We were also honoured to get to craft a setlist that was mindful of this particular love story it was soundtrack to.  So, congratulations to you lovely ladies.  We wish you everlasting love, success and happiness

And now...a couple videos of our performance in the Windy Barn.

Here's "The Mooche" & "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" featuring Mike Persichilli on Trombone and Joseph Leo Callender on Saxophone

You're welcome :o)


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