These are a few of our favourite things!  Check out the places, spaces, people...STUFF we love. 


We've eaten at Harlem MANY times.  The food is aaaamazing...if you like southern food, comfort food, soul food, yummy must check this place out!  What's even better are the jazzy signature drinks, the 1920s Harlem Renaissance theme, the urban touches such as patio graffiti art and the super friendly staff.  Even better still, Harlem supports the local community but encouraging creativity, engagement and community building.  They support live music, the local art scene, and grassroots and community organizations.  You can catch live jazz bands, art shows, poetry slams, open mics and dance parties on different nights of the week.  They have 2 locations to choose from and they're both accessible by TTC.


One of Toronto's hidden gems provides a huge outdoor landscape right in the heart of the Don Valley.  The location used to be a Brick Factor in Toronto's earlier years, but has been transformed into a lush, green, interactive space.  They have trails, a farmer's market, a lovely restaurant and café, a garden centre, a bike rental shop and plenty of stuff to keep you and your family occupied.  They also have live music on Thursdays and special events like the wild blueberry festival.  It's one of the few spaces in Toronto that aims to blend green living with entertainment.  If you live in Toronto, you have to check it out, it's really beautiful there.  AND there's a free shuttle bus that takes you right there (550 Bayview Ave), that departs from Broadview station.